Voice of mukesh - Babla Mehta

The initiation of Babla Mehta’s life into Song.

Babla Mehta was born to Inder Jeet and Raj Rani Mehta, a middle-class family with no musical pedigree. His father was a senior banker who was a fan of Manna Dey. In his early years, Babla Mehta developed his passion for music from his father. A quick learner with a good ear for music.

Babla Mehta started humming and singing in his teens, but, being shy, he never mustered the courage to sing on stage during his school and college days. One day, he corrected a college mate for not hitting right notes while singing a song. The boy took offense and rudely questioned Babla’s musical credentials. The incident fuelled the resolve in Babla Mehta to start singing in public and show the world his capabilities. That was the beginning.

After completing his education, he followed in his father’s footsteps to begin a career in banking, though he knew his true calling was music. So he started singing in live music shows.

At one such show, music Mughal Gulshan Kumar spotted his talent and signed him on to cut a disc. He thereby saw himself through the teething period of his new profession by following the nature and schedule of his bank job. Though he quit his job and kept the pretence of working until his album was released. Then he broke the news and sought his parents’ blessings. Thus began his journey. The rest is history…

Babla Mehta is also a music director and multilingual playback singer in Mumbai, India and also he is brilliant stage singer and terrific live performer on the musical events.

Due to the close resemblance of his voice to the legendary singer Mukesh (Mukesh Chand Mathur), Babla Mehta began his career recording covers of Mukesh songs for T-Series. He has rendered over 250 songs of Mukesh compiled in 10 solo albums, 6 albums of duets and many more compiled.

The success of these albums has established Babla Mehta as ‘Golden Voice of Mukesh’ in popular imagination.

Babla Mehta's career in film music took off under the guidance of the music director Shiv-Hari in Yash Raj Films “Chandni” in 1989 and Babla's duet "Tere Mere Hoton Pe Mitthe Mitthe Geet Mitwa" with Lata Mangeshkar became his debut song in Hindi films.

One day, in 1990, seminal Indian film composer R.D. Burman was passing through Khar-station, Mumbai, when he heard the song ‘Sajan re Jhooth mat bolo’ blaring from an audio cassette shop. RD commented on, how well Mukesh had sung the song, and was surprised to learn it was not Mukesh, but the voice of Babla Mehta coming from the shop. He was so impressed he contacted Babla Mehta and asked to meet him the very next day.

Then “Pancham Da” took Babla Mehta under his wing, and he became a regular singer in Pancham Da’s recordings and live shows too. Jeene Do was the first song he recorded under great R D Burman and also few songs in Bangla and Oriya languages followed by Dharti Ki Goad Mein (unreleased) for which Babla sang all the songs, because of untimely demise of Amjad Khan, this film could not be completed.

Soon Babla Mehta was singing for leading music directors like Nadeem-Shravan, Rajesh Roshan, Bappi Lahiri, Anu Malik, Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen, Aadesh Srivastav, Nikhil-Vinay etc.

Some blockbusters in which he sang were 'Chandni', 'Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi', 'Sadak', 'Tahalka' and others.

Skills and Assets

Multilingual Playback Singer.

A beauty of a voice that is clear and vibrant producing music that is appealing.


He is renowned for his expertise in creating some of the most soulful music.

Music Producer.

His production has transpired from his natural taste for harmonious melodies.

Sound Recordist.

A rare quality of a ear attuned to what becomes the best music in the industry.

Founder and Owner of Silver Bells Digital Recording.

He has his very own recording studio located in Mumbai.