Voice of mukesh - Babla Mehta

The initiation of Babla Mehta’s life into Song.

Babla Mehta was born in Delhi to Inderjeet and Raj Rani Mehta, a modest family with no claims to any musical heritage. His father Inderjeet who was a banker was an ardent fan of Manna Dey. Picking a passion for music from his father, he developed a good ear right from childhood for this form of art. His love for music was to become the calling of his soul and so it has been till date: a life dedicated to music.

Interestingly, Babla Mehta never sang in school, being a shy and reticent lad. He often hummed melodies but never mustered the courage to sing on stage. However, it came to pass that one day, while in college he corrected a boy over not singing a particular song in the right manner. The boy was taken aback and rudely questioned his musical knowledge and background. This day sparked in Bablaji a strong desire to start singing and come out into the world with his talent, which became a new beginning.

Fascinatingly, he never looked back since then. He grew up walking in his papa’s footsteps and became a banker but deep within him lay his soul’s calling for music. So he performed by singing in a couple of shows as an avocation. At one such show, music veteran Gulshan Kumar spotted the exquisite skill in this talented young man and signed him on to cut a disc. After some careful consideration, Bablaji then quit his job at the bank but did not disclose it then to his parents. He thereby saw himself through the teething period of his new profession by following the nature and schedule of his bank job. It was only when his album was launched that he presented a copy to his parents and told them about his new career as a singer.

Babla Mehta is the top music director and multilingual playback singer in Mumbai, India and also he is top stage singer, live performer on the musical events

The rest is history…

Babla Mehta has taken up as his mission to bring back the lost melody of the yesteryears by using contemporary technology to the effect that the charm of soulful music remains alive through changing times.

Skills and Assets

Multilingual Playback Singer.

A beauty of a voice that is clear and vibrant producing music that is appealing.


He is renowned for his expertise in creating some of the most soulful music.

Music Producer.

His production has transpired from his natural taste for harmonious melodies.

Sound Recordist.

A rare quality of a ear attuned to what becomes the best music in the industry.

Founder and Owner of Silver Bells Digital Recording.

He has his very own recording studio located in Mumbai.